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How does secondnature® brand dog litter work?
The highly absorbent litter material is made from paper and wood pulp products. secondnature® brand dog litter has special properties, which actually absorb moisture from the bottom up, meaning that your dog's liquid waste will go to the bottom of the pan and then be drawn up through the litter.

How long does it take?
In as little as a week or two, you can get your pup off to an excellent start on the secondnature brand TOTAL HOUSETRAINING PROGRAM. Purina trainers have witnessed pups that seek out the pan on their own after a weekend of concentrated housetraining. On the other hand, every pup is unique and it may take a few weeks. Much depends on how consistent and attentive you are in following the guidelines on this site.

On average, how long will a bag last?
With one dog using the pan 100% of time, approximately as follows:
Toy Pan: 12 lb. bag, 3-4 weeks and 25 lb. bag, 6-8 weeks
Miniature Pan: 12 lb. bag, 2 weeks and 25 lb. bag, 3-4 weeks
Standard Pan: 12 lb. bag, 1 week and 25 lb. bag, 2 weeks

What is the difference between secondnature dog litter and cat litter?
Dog litter is larger in size and more absorbent to meet a dog's needs. The larger size is advantageous for dogs because it minimizes tracking problems. Dogs do not dig and bury their waste like cats, which is why cats prefer finer material. Cats also urinate less frequently and in smaller amounts than dogs. Unlike some cat litters, the secondnature dog litter does not clump.

If I have a cat in my household and use secondnature for my dog, will my cat use the secondnature dog litter, and will this compromise my cat's litter box training?
He may try the secondnature dog litter, but remember, cats dig and bury their waste. secondnature was designed specifically for a dog's elimination so it is not as easy for a cat to dig in. In our home studies, owners observed that some cats may urinate in secondnature but if they have a choice of using clumping or conventional cat litters they will choose them over secondnature dog litter.

What is the fragrance on your litter?
It is a fresh clean scent with green grass notes.

Should I buy the litter pan for the size of my pup when full-grown or current size?
If you are able to estimate the size your puppies will be when full-grown, you should try to provide that size pan.

Does this only work for dogs up to 35 lbs? Why don't you make it for larger dogs?
The litter system will work for larger dogs. We do not currently make a pan for dogs larger than 35 lbs. You can use a kiddy pool or a large under-the-bed style container to fit your needs. Our research did not indicate a great consumer need for an indoor pan for larger dogs.

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