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an innovative way to add value to your litter

When your prospective owners bring home a pup, they've got lots of concerns beginning with housetraining. The Purina® secondnature® brand TOTAL HOUSETRAINING PROGRAM works with puppies' natural instincts and is a safe, reduced-stress method for housetraining – so puppies can relieve themselves on their schedule, not their owners'. Begin in the whelping box stage for less odor and mess, and send your prospective owners home with a litter-trained pup!

Breeder Benefits:
  • Cleaner whelping box and kennel
  • Less odor
  • Quick and easy clean-up
  • Sell a litter-trained pup!


When your clients ask you about housetraining, your answer should be Purina® secondnature®.

Veterinarian Benefits:

  • Addresses one of the major behavior concerns for your clients
  • Provides alternative to traditional training
  • Reduces stress for dog and owner by providing relief to pups who can't go out during the day

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